DONATIONS TO assist the families of the Bali attack victims may be sent via the Red Cross in Australia. Whatever anyone can offer would be massively appreciated. It's worth remembering that Bali wasn't a holiday destination for the wealthy; many of those killed or injured were on their first trip overseas.

In latest developments, Perth mother Tracy Thomas has died after three marathon operations to relieve her burns. She was 41. Many others remain in critical condition. And a new wave of attacks is feared, according to government warnings.

BECAUSE I'VE been scuttling about the city like some kind of scuttling Australian tourist creature, I've not been near computers very often. Way behind in answering e-mails. Apologies.

I WAS lucky enough to meet ALP heavy Laurie Brereton in NYC on Saturday night following the Australian Labor Party's humiliating loss in Cunningham. It was an off-the-record deal. Drinking may have been involved. I can report, however, that Brereton spent a great deal of time repeating the exact margin of the massive swing against his party, and looking crushed.

Brereton fired up considerably when I attempted to lay the entire blame for every problem facing the ALP on Gough Whitlam. It's probably not a good idea to infuriate a senior player from the NSW Right. I'd better leave town.